Snowmobile Vs. ATV: Which One to Choose?

Are you an adventure freak or located in a snowy area with deep snow? You might be looking for a suitable all-terrain vehicle for easy traveling and riding. Online searching can give you a bunch of ideas for a perfect adventure ride in snowy weather. But it is pretty confusing at the same time, especially if you are stuck between a snowmobile vs. ATV. Ready for a thrilling experience but have no idea of the reliable vehicle type? Then go on reading below to understand how we are going to compare both of these winter vehicles for easy selection. 

Let’s have a quick look at a snowmobile and an ATV first:


It is a light vehicle with two skis at the front and a track at the back to let you travel through snow easily. Power snowmobiles is also a part of a very famous winter sport, snowmobiling. It is widely used around the snowy areas of the world for different purposes. Over 200 kilometers is the world record for a snowmobile on open water. Generally speaking, if a quad enters into deep water, it can usually only go a few feet.

Does a Snowmobile Have Wheels?

A snowmobile is only suitable for snowy areas which is why there are no wheels. No snowmobile will ever have weels, as the construction is not done this way. 


Atvs are vehicles designed for all snowy terrains. The frontal portion of these vehicles has two skis, and the rear portion has a track. There are no back wheels on this vehicle. These are vehicles used for travelling, surveying, ice fishing, transportation, luggage carry, and more, in any season. It can be an excellent option for people looking for a fast off-road traveller.

Are Tracks on ATVs Worth It?

The wheels on the ATVs need to be replaced if you are planning to use them for snow. The studded tracks on the ATV are not only worthy but necessary for riding in the snow.

Now that you have an idea about the basic construction and purpose of these vehicles, you can better understand the comparison of snowmobile vs. ATV:

Comparing Snowmobile vs. ATV

The difference in appearance, construction, and features, makes it a bit tricky to choose the correct one for your needs. Therefore we are here with a helpful comparison to let you decide the best.


Snowmobiles are well-known vehicles specifically designed for enough snow only. There are no wheels but a set of two skis and a track. This unusual construction makes it highly suitable for people living in snowy areas. It will take time to learn to handle this vehicle, but once you master it, you can take it anywhere as it is a tracked vehicle. Even if you don’t need a license to ride a snowmobile in your country, you should take some snowmobile courses nonetheless. The making is done in a way to keep the snow out for a safe and improved riding experience. The only problem is that it will rest in your garage after the winter season and cant be used later in recreational purposes. 

Are Four-Wheelers Good in Snow?

An ATV is a four-wheeler not only designed for a snowy season. It can be a versatile option for traveling and transportation during any weather. However, the wheels will not allow safe driving during the snow. You will need to replace the wheels with the track. But the best part is that you can again replace the track with the wheels whenever you want. Moreover, it’s easier to operate than a snowmobile, even if you are a newbie. But be aware of the gaps and areas in the construction which will let the snow enter inside. 


When we talk about power, both vehicles have the ability to provide you with the speed you want; it is all about the terrains and conditions. The snowmobile is known to perform well on snow compared to an snow ATV. If you are riding an ATV with tracks, you will experience the best thrilling experience. But still, the fun speed a snowmobile provides is commendable. The condition changes when it comes to climbing a steep. Atv is designed to stop and move, whereas a snowmobile will be stuck in unfavorable conditions. 


The handling power and ability depend on the person itself, but the vehicle type, snowmobile 4 wheeler, also matters. As the ATV has a wider turning circle and heavier weight, it might be challenging for you to learn the handling. Whereas the snowmobile is fun to ride with no complex learning. If you love high speeds and responsive handling, a snowmobile is for you because ATV with tracks has a reduced speed and fun.


Unfortunately, the snowmobile is not as versatile as an ATV. Atvs are designed to perform well on any terrain, but snowmobiles are not. They are specifically made to travel through snow, restricting their ability. Because of this, the snowmobile will be of no use after a snowy season ends. On the other hand, an ATV is a fun riding vehicle for any time of the year, making it a versatile choice. With just a replacement of wheels, you can have fun on ATV without hassles.


Whenever you ride, you have to wear your safety gear, no matter the vehicle type. Be it any weather or season, you should wear a safety helmet, gloves, boots, etc, to secure yourself against injuries. Therefore, it is essential to buy high-quality stuff before starting riding any of the two vehicles. Atv tracks vs snowmobile will not show you any difference in the need for gear. 


There are no significant differences in the prices of both vehicles. But getting a good atv may cost you more than a snowmobile. You can try your luck in the second-hand market. An average new snowmobile will cost you around $10,000. But as a beginner, it is better to spend on a second-hand beginner model. Atvs are a bit expensive because of the versatility they offer to the users. The best ATV can be as expensive as a car, costing you about $25,000. Hence, if you have a low budget, getting your hands on a snowmobile for $2000-$3000 is better. 


As ATVs are designed for all terrains and are actual four-wheelers, the weight is obviously heavier than that of the snowmobile. As compared to a high-quality ATV, snowmobiles are much lighter. The low weight of a snowmobile allows you to transport it anywhere easily. Whereas for ATV, it became a bit difficult.

Should I Get an ATV or a Snowmobile?

If you want something useful all year long, ATV is the one. Whereas if you are located in a snowy place where the entire year has snow, nothing can be better than a snowmobile. It means it all depends on your needs and conditions.

Getting indulged in a popular winter sports activity is satisfying for many people, but getting the best possible vehicle is a big deal. The comparison we did was to give you an idea about which vehicle goes well for your choices. Therefore, we tried to present you with the best possible comparison of snowmobile vs. ATV.

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